Where to Start? Bringing Climate Change to the Board

Where to Start? Bringing Climate Change to the Board

GovernWith’s CEO and Founder Fi Mercer was joined by Climatologist and Speaker Neil Plummer, to delve into how we can untangle the issues surrounding Climate Change and bring tangible risks and opportunities to the boardroom table. A huge contemporary risk for Boards and Directors to tackle, Fi and Neil unpacked Climate Change, how it relates to the Board and top tips to get started.

Out of the Box Executive is partnering with Sustainably in developing Climate Savvy Pathways (CSP). This service identifies opportunities for transitioning your business model to one shaped by an economy adjusting to climate reality. 

Importantly, CSP can also assist your business to manage the growing risks with the climate and energy transition.
These opportunities may include:
  • access to new markets
  • improved resilience
  • reducing excessive insurance premiums
  • reducing your energy and material costs
  • better staff recruitment and retention, and
  • improved reputation.

Climate savvy pathways enables your business to apply current information to improve your:

  • Governance
  • Strategy, and
  • Policies and plans.
For further information on Climate Savvy Pathways and how it may assist, please contact:
Neil Plummer
Director, Out of the Box Executive