State of Governance – Webinar 2

Aug 16, 2021

State of Governance

After the success of our last State of Governance Webinar, the VHA and GovernWith are again coming together to explore the state of governance. This time our expert panel will be talking about some of the biggest agendas on the board table at the moment – Gender Equity, Social Inclusion and Climate Change.
Our expert panel will share their insights into these topics across health, community health, human services and aged care including key focus areas for boards.

The panel features:

– Fi Mercer, CEO and Founder, GovernWith
– Jo-Anne Moorfoot, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance
– Micaela Drieberg, Director, Strategy & Engagement, Victorian Healthcare Association
– Julia Cookson, Convener, GovernWith


Successful induction of new Board members

The first VHA Lunch and learn session will be held this week, Wednesday 18th August and will focus on the essential elements of a good induction program.

This session will help you develop a board induction program that will ensure new directors are clear on their governance role, the processes of the board, and the business of your organisation.

Attendees will consider how to design a good induction program for your board and identify the key components to be included in the onboarding process to ensure new directors get the best possible orientation to their new role.

Find out more here

Having conversations about Cyber and IT in the Boardroom

Having conversations about Cyber and IT in the Boardroom

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, it brings with it a lot of new language to the table, which makes it seem complicated and one of those technically detailed conversations. It doesn’t have to be.

Board Skill Sets New Requirements for a New World

Board Skill Sets New Requirements for a New World

GovernWith’s Fi Mercer was recently invited to speak at Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) and Governance Institutes of Australia’s Govern with Care Virtual Conference about the new requirements of Board Skill Sets in this new world. 

Cyber Security for Boards – Webinar

Cyber Security for Boards – Webinar

Listen to GovernWith’s Fi Mercer and co-authors of The Secure Board, Claire Pales and Anna Leibel to discuss one of the hottest topics on the Boardroom Table – Cyber Security. As technology is being an integral part of business, Boards and day-to-day life it’s no longer a question of if you need to know about Cyber security but when you’re going to learn.