Introducing GovernWith Plus

The newly revamped portal from GovernWith, GovernWith Plus, is easier to use, more engaging and provides greater insights for Board, Directors and Individuals, whether on a Board or not.

GovernWith Plus has been designed to allow Boards, Directors and Individuals the means to make well-informed data-led decisions, with questionnaires based on the principles of good governance and include sector-specific nuances to ensure that it’s not just cookie-cutter governance.

Featuring a brand-new look and feel and across the three key areas, Questionnaires, Results Dashboard and ReAct Report.



The Board Governance Questionnaire content covers: Strategy, Finance, Risk management, Board Sub Committees, Quality Clinical Governance, Governance Relations, Board Composition, Board Processes, Stakeholder Engagement, and Continuous Review Development/Culture.

To complement this and give another lens to Boards and give Individuals insights into their own skills, experience and behaviour in a governance context the Director Skills Matrix Questionnaire content Covers Sector Specific Content, for example: Human Services, Health and other Government Boards Departmental requirements as well as Education requirements, Professional Skills, Contemporary skills, Behavioural Attributes, and Board Ready sections.

In addition to our core Board Governance and Director/Individual Skills Matrix GovernWith Plus can be upgraded to include Board Sub Committee Reviews, Director Peer Reviews and CEO reviews that can be tailored to your committee charters.

Results Dashboard

There are significant value adds to the GovernWith Plus Results Dashboard. Our interactive Traffic Light Results Reports features trended and benchmarked (after year one) data to help make better data-led decisions. Containing a deep dive into Whole Board and Director view of Board Governance Evaluation and Director Development and Skills Matrix and the Individual views on their own Capabilities, the Results Dashboard provides deeper and clearer insights into where to take action next.

The most exciting addition to our governance data insights dashboard is how it can now provide a solution for succession, recruitment, induction, and development planning with Directors. The flexible and interchangeable data-driven insights lead to well informed decision-making and development plan direction and creation.

“Data for well informed decisions about Induction, Whole Board and Director Development, Board Leadership Roles, Succession, recruitment”
Tim Green, Chairperson, Colac Area Health

ReAct Report

The brand new ReAct Report is a game changer for Boards and Individuals wanting to act on their evaluation results. Comparing the Whole Board and Director Results Reports to Effective Practice provides a view into the right steps forward that is clearer than ever. Being able to then craft action items that already have suggested links for GovernWith and Partner targeted Resources makes taking action easy for even the busiest Board, Director or individual.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of the portal there are various support levels that can be dialed up or down depending on what your Governance Review and Development needs are such as full external governance convening, assistance in creating ReAct reports – all that can be tailored to your program.


For all clients, whether you’re a Board, Director or Individual, there is access to ongoing supports such as:

  • targeted online support education, resources, videos, blogs, and podcasts
  • monthly newsletters and webinars
  • Customer care training and support for all aspects of Portal management

Ability to upgrade Data insights reports for:

  • Board Governance Review Results
  • Director Succession and Recruitment Plans


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Designed for individuals who are current or aspiring Directors to assess and build their Governance capabilities

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Whole Board Governance Review and Development

Designed for whole Boards to assess and build their sector and corporate Governance as well as their Director skills and development capabilities

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