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GovernWith provides one compelling, supported, online solution for managing governance risk.  We do this by providing governance review and development programs for Boards, individual Directors and Executives. 

Our solution takes you from Evaluation to Education for identified governance risks, action plans for addressing them with linked targeted education and resources. 

Our expert team combined with technology supports you through a tailored solution, building governance competency in your Board, Directors and Executives.


"We have improved our culture for governance continuous review and development by 25%."

Maryanne Puli Vogels
Former Chair, Timboon & District Healthcare Service

"We have seen a 20% increase in our governance capabilities over the last three years."

Ben Maw
Past CEO, Cohuna District Hospital

"We went to the next level of our governance journey."

Doreen Power
CEO, Lyndoch Living

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Introducing our 2021 Governance Data Insights Whitepaper

Introducing our 2021 Governance Data Insights Whitepaper

GovernWith is about to publish our Governance Data Insights Whitepaper for 2021, covering the Top 5 Governance Risks identified in 2021 from our Governance Review and Development Programs. Each year, as part of our commitment to our governance community, we publish our findings to increase the awareness of issues in governance and help provide Board and Councils with guidance on how they can improve and assurance that they are not alone in their governance struggles, whether they undertake their evaluations with us or not.